How to Choose the Best Bouncy Castles and Soft Play Equipment Hire

07 Sep

Bouncy castle and other soft play equipment can mean a lot to your party or event. However, with the many service providers and different types of equipment we have in the market today, choosing the best hire soft play equipment service provider for hire can be a daunting process. The following are some of the factors that will help you make a sober decision.

Party theme

The norm we have today is that different parties and events we have follow a particular theme. Whether you are holding a corporate event, birthday party or any other occasion, you need to determine before hand what will be your theme. This is important and will help you pick the best superhero or movie villain as the play equipment in your event.

Age of your guests

Again when choosing the type of play equipment for hire it is important for you to consider the age of the attendees of the party. While bouncy castles are the perfect choice for small kids at parties there safety should be something you need to consider. You should only hire such equipment for small children only if you are willing to provide some adults to monitor them. On the other hand if you are considering bouncy castles for adults you need to ensure that you hire an equipment that will be able to accommodate such their huge weight.


Probably when choosing a bouncy castle and other hire a bouncy castle equipment to hire in your event, safety should be one of the points that need to top your list. Ensure you test drive the equipment before you hire them and see to it that they meet the necessary safety requirements laid down.

Party location

When choosing the type of play equipment to hire, your party location plays a major role in determining which equipment you will go for. Some play equipment require a lot of outside play space if you are to enjoy their use. Therefore, before you choose your play equipment ensure you have the necessary space to accommodate them.

Your part location will also affect the play equipment you get to have in your event in the sense that the further away your party is the more costly it is for people to transport these equipment.

Hiring play equipment will not only help you spic up your events but also save you money. Consider the above factor and many more when choosing how to hire play equipment in your next event/party.

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